Orphaned as a result of the accident, he was adopted by his aunt.
Aloof, quiet and cool when dealing with others, he doesn’t like “loud people” like Akito and Aki.
An above-average intellect and clever disposition make him an ideal candidate for IGRASIL.

Although the duties of the organization require him to work in a team, Kazuki prefers acting alone and does not like to
get involved in things that do not concern him.
Despite the desire to avenge the death of his parents, he is curious as to why the mysterious perpetrator saved his life,
and why he keeps appearing in his dreams.

Akito is Aki’s older brother; he’s considered to others as a clumsy and incompetent person,
but is the hero in his younger sister’s eyes. He’s a friendly person, and because of his gentle temperament,
can easily establish friendships with others. He is overprotective of Kaoru as well his younger sister,
and will become fiercely concerned about their safety. Despite his flaw, he was elected as Suzumi’s deputy;
his tasks include organizing the group and preparing operational intelligence for various cases. In his spare time,
Akito devotes himself to his hobby, which is spending lonely evenings with a good book.
He has a crush on Suzumi, which is partly why he decided to join IGRASIL; he tries to do everything in his power
to draw her attention, often met with rejection.

Akito's younger sister, she’s a nice, polite, and somewhat naive person who believes that
everyone is inherently good and that evil will only be destroyed by the good in people.
This wide-eyed idealism constantly throws the whole organization into trouble.
One of the only reasons she’s even in IGRASIL is because of her best friend Kaoru, who has supported her since day one.
Despite her many flaws, Aki, like her brother, never gives up and always believes that the team can accomplish everything with a little more time.
In addition to being a member of IGRASIL, she often participates in charity events in her free time;
she constantly invites members of the organization to join, mainly Kaoru.

Suzumi comes from a family of police officers with a longstanding history in the force.
Her father, the chief commander of special forces to combat crimes, was killed during one of the operations.
It was discovered that the whole operation was a trap set up by an unknown suspect, and all of the agents were killed.
Their names were engraved on the monument at the entrance to the police academy as a symbol of dedication,
loyalty and the fight against evil.
Thanks to her father’s enthusiasm as well as the financial support of Kaoru’s family, Suzumi decides to set up
a non-governmental organization to combat crimes known as IGRASIL.

Kaoru comes from a very wealthy family; from an early age she was taught by the best teachers in the nation.
At the age of 9 she spoke 4 languages and won many prestigious awards and scientific competitions.
She is very ambitious, emotional, and does not accept failure; because of this, she is considered a mastermind of
the current generation. Unfortunately, her parents were always busy working and never had time for her,
so she felt depressed and lonely, longing for attention from her loved ones. She was pulled from her solitude by Aki,
a girl from her neighborhood and currently her partner in IGRASIL. Aki is like a sister Kaoru never had,
a person who stayed for the good and bad times.
After meeting Aki, her life completely changed, and the organization became her new home.